Dog Ed.
Dog Training and Pet Services

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Welcome to Dog Ed. Dog Training and Pet Services!

Check out our new Pet Wellness Products!

- CBD (hemp) oil for Dogs & Cats

- Salmon Skin Edibles

- Sardine Edibles

Upcoming Classes & Events:

7 weeks, twice per week, 

14 classes

1 - 1.5 hrs per class.

Next Class:

May 14th - July 2nd - FULL

June 18th - Aug 2nd

Mon/Thurs at 6:30pm

Coming up:

July TBA

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6 classes, once per week

Next Class: 

May 15th - June 19th

Tuesdays at 7:00pm

Coming up: 

June 12th - Tues @ 8:15pm

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Other Classes

Intro Classes

1 class, 1 - 1.5 hrs long

Next Class: April 25th @ 8:00pm

Next one: May 23rd 2018


Leash Skills

Next class: April 25, 29, May 2 & 6

Sunday/Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Free public hikes!

Next Hike:

April 22nd @ 4:00pm
Valley Road Dog Park

This is an on & off-leash hike

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This photo and many on this site are courtesy of High Four Pet Photography