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Collars & Leashes

The tools needed for all training classes/private lessons are a 6 foot nylon leash and a good quality martingale collar. I strongly recommend the Silverfoot collar and leash as they are made in Canada with high quality materials. The Silverfoot equipment can be purchased online at or from the instructor (Paige).

Martingale Collar - $20-$25 Taxes included

These martingale collars are made with high quality, durable nylon and a German chain. 

Sizes Available: Puppy/Toy, X-small (1/2" & 3/4"), Small (3/4" & 1"), Medium and Large.

I have a variety of colors available.
- The Toy collar is only available in Red Maple Leaf, Turbine Green & Turbine Pink

- The XS 1/2" is only available in Red Maple Leaf, Pacific Otter Blue, Bear Claw Pink and Turbine Green

Patterns Available for Collars & Leashes!
*not all collars and leashes are available in all patterns

6 Foot Leashes - $25 Taxes included

These are true 6 foot leashes. They are made of high quality, strong and durable nylon. They have box stitching near the handle and clasp for added strength. The leashes come in 3/4 & 1 inch width, there is also a toy leash with a smaller, lighter clasp.

I have a variety of colors available