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Dog Walking-Pack Adventures

Ed-ucational Pack Walk Adventures

Our goal is to combine fun and exercise with learning to help reinforce training with your dog and provide extra mental stimulation

These pack walks are 60 minutes long with a maximum of 6 dogs

They run 5 days a week year round.


What does the Walk look like?

- We spend 60 minutes on an adventurous off-leash hike where the dogs can play and explore

- Throughout the walk we work on basic training skills such as walking on leash as a group (at the beginning or end of the walk), recall & group stays. This helps reinforce training with your dog on a regular basis 

- We also practice stair and door manners when entering and exiting the vehicle as well as during pick-up and drop-off


How much does it cost?

$30* for one dog - 5 pass $145 (save $5)

*$5 off/walk for current and past training clients 

The 2nd dog from the same household is $10 off 


10 Passes are available - Dog's must attend pack walks a minimum of twice per week to purchase a 10 pass

10 pass $280 (save $20)

When and Where do these walks occur?

Walks occur 5 times per week at various Dog Parks all over the city.

 Walks will happen on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays - usually in the morning


Can my dog join the Pack Adventures?

All dogs should be up-to-date with vaccines

All dogs need to have an up-to-date license (microchip recommend)

Flea/tick preventative is recommended (April-August)

Dogs need to be friendly towards people and other dogs

*to be considered a Dog Ed. training client you must have completed a Group Class, Puppy Class, 3 Private Lessons or a minimum 4 day Workshop.

*training clients must have completed a Group Class, Puppy Class, Workshop or a minimum of 2 Private Lessons to get the $5 discount on pack walks