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Below are various Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that is not answered below please contact me.

Why a Martingale Collar?

When sized correctly the Martingale Collar is one of the safest collars out there as a dog cannot slip it over their heads, yet it rests comfortably around their neck when relaxed. It does not choke or pinch and can be worn as an everyday collar.

Why do you recommend/use the type of Martingale collars and leashes you sell?

The Hustle Up brand collars and leashes are a quality Canadian made product. They release almost instantly, have a German chain, cross-stitching for added strength and a strong psi clasp. They also have an awesome design and are available in a variety of colors.

Why don't you use treats in your training?

We do not use treats during training because we want our dogs to listen to us without the use of a bribe. Your dog should be able to listen and respond to the important commands: loose leash walking, sit, stay, come and down in various situations because they respect and trust you, not because of a bribe. Treats are more useful for teaching tricks such as shake-a-paw or roll-over. Treats can also create obsession and lead to obesity if used too much. 

How many dogs/puppies do you have in your classes?

In Group classes there are normally 6-8 dogs, puppy classes are up to 6 puppies and workshops and intro classes are a max of 6 as well. This allows for a good variety of dogs/owners but you also receive individual attention.