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Group Hikes

If you like getting out for walks with your dog and walking with other like minded people and their dogs then Group Hikes are for you! These hikes are by donation and happen at least once per month. It's a great way for you and your dog to socialize and just get out and enjoy nature, get some fresh air and exercise. We walk a variety of places in the city and some places outside the city. Come out and have some fun!

Public Hikes - Everyone Welcome

Group Hikes are coming back and there will be a few changes. Here are some of the details!

> These hikes are for you to come with your dog and join other dog owners and go for a walk
> Families are welcome – please remember to keep 6 feet apart from those not in your β€˜bubble’ and all children must remain under control (no approaching other dogs, no running and screaming, etc)
> Walks are outdoors but you are welcome to wear a mask if you like! I ask that participants maintain 6 feet between each other if they are from different groups.
> Hikes will be offered a few times each month (on various days and times of the day) and will be posted on Facebook and at
> I am asking each person/family who comes on the Hike to bring some sort of a donation in the form of new or lightly used items (dog toys, food, etc) or monetary (any amount from $1+). These items and money collected will be donated to a local dog rescue each month to help those in need 😊
> Walks will be on-leash or off-leash
- Off-leash walks (one of the local dog parks) - All dog/people friendly dogs are welcome provided you can keep your dog under control (please no prong collars on during the walk)
- On-leash walk (various places around Saskatoon) – All dogs welcome including those needing work on social skills (as long as you are able to keep your dog under control) – NO Retractable Leashes allowed
-- because some dogs do not have great social skills, I ask that when we are waiting to start the walk, on the walk and at the end of the walk you do not approach other people and their dogs without first asking. Some dogs may be working on their social skills and do not do well being approached on-leash, give them some space so everyone can come out to enjoy the walks.
> Hike duration will be dependent on the place we go as well as the weather but will range from 45 – 90 minutes
> As we move into colder temperatures some hikes may be cancelled or shortened due to weather/cold temperatures (especially on-leash walks)