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Pet Accessories

Poop Bag Dispensers - $8.50 + tax

Handmade Poop Bag Dispensers! These are lightweight and can hold up to two rolls of pet waste bags at a time. There is also enough room for a key, some change or a credit/debit card ! They dispense through the opening in the front and securely attach to your leash so they aren't swinging around. 

Fun patterns available!

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Pet Scarves - $4.00 - $10.00 + tax

Pet scarves are great for those Holiday Pet/Family Photos as well as they are just super darn cute to wear! Available in 5 sizes and multiple different patterns these scarves are fashionably adorable!

Great for dogs, cats, reptiles, rodents and more!


XS - fits up to approximately 9" - $4.00 + tax

S - fits up to approximately 11" - $5.00 + tax

M - fits up to approximately 15" - $6.00 + tax

L - fits up to approximately 20" - $8.00 + tax

XL - fits up to approximately 26" - 10.00 + tax

To purchase online click here to go to our online store.

Colors and patterns currently available!*

*Not all sizes are available in all colors/patterns and some patterns may look different on different sized scarves as each scarf is unique!