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CBD oil for Pets 30ml bottle (dogs & cats) - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

30ml bottle 300mg CBD - $50

Suggested Serving:
0.01 ml per every 1 lb of dog’s weight
25 lb dog= 0.25 ml

30ml bottle 500mg CBD - $70

Suggested Serving:
0.01 ml per every 16 lb of dog’s weight
100lb dog= 0.60 ml
Just like you, we love our pets and are devoted to ensuring the best quality of life for them. We’re here to make a difference.Our innovative formula contains human grade ingredients with the highest grade CBD. We pride ourselves on our customer service and unique product line. We carefully produce, package and test products the same way, each and every time to ensure quality and consistency. Brad Pattison Pet Wellness offers 100% natural ingredients free of preservatives and additives with no unwanted side effects.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Salmon Skin Edibles (200g) - $18

A Clean Smart Decision for your Pets Edible Choice!

Zero additives, preservatives, colouring, or artificial flavours. Great for Dogs, Cats, or Ferrets.

Rich source of omega oils to maintain healthy skin and coat. Loaded with protein and tastes delicious!

Salmon skins contain good oils that fight against heart disease and cancer while promoting healthy brain function. Simply give as a whole piece or break off what you choose to serve your pet.


  1. Salmon Skin 

Sardine Edibles (150g) - $16

A Clean Smart Decision for your Pets Edible Choice

Great source of omega 3 fatty acids and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)!

Health benefits like cancer prevention, reducing inflammation, and keeping the immune system strong. CoQ10 supports a healthy heart and circulation.


  1. Sardines (150g)