Dog Ed.
Dog Training and Pet Services

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Pre-Pet Counseling

Thinking about getting a new pet?

Want to be prepared to bring your new puppy or dog home?

Need help finding a good breeder or rescue and finding the right dog for you?

Dog Ed. can help you get prepared to bring your new pet home and start off on the right foot!

Where does the session take place

The session takes place at your home.

What is the cost and what's included

The package is $175 (tax included) which includes;

- A 1 hour session

- Martingale collar and 6 foot leash 

- A $50 voucher to use towards a Puppy Class, Group Class or set of 2 Private Sessions.

What is covered in a pre-pet counselling session

- Choosing a new puppy/dog to fit your lifestyle

- Puppy vs Adult dog

- Breeder vs Rescue

- Bringing your new puppy/dog home

- How to start training off on the right foot

- Potty training

- Crate training

- Important pet supplies

- Choosing a good food

- Socialization

- much more!