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Private Sessions

Is your schedule too busy to commit to a group class?

Are you looking for more one-on-one instruction to work on a specific issue your dog has?

Private Sessions are for those that are looking for one-on-one training. We work together to create a training plan customized to you and your dog and focus on correcting those problem behaviors and specific issues pertaining to your dog(s). This can be anything from house training, jumping, coming when called, separation anxiety and everything in-between.

Where are private sessions held and how long are they?

They are held either at your home or we can meet at an agreed upon location such as a park.

Private Sessions are 1-2 hours in length.

The first session is usually 1.5-2 hours in length and after the first session they are usually closer to 1 hour.

How many sessions does my dog need?

The number of private sessions depends on each individual dog's needs as well as what you are wanting to learn. Some training or behavioral issues take longer and will require more sessions. We can discuss this at your first session once I evaluate your dog.

At least 2 sessions are recommended for better results.

What is the cost?
Sessions are: 
$105 for first
session (tax included)
for second/third session (tax included)

$63 for any addition sessions after the first three (tax included)

What are the tools used in the training?
All training is done using a martingale collar and 6 foot leash. 

I have martingale collars and leashes available to purchase for $20- $25 each. Check out the product page for colors and sizes.