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Do you wish your dog listened to you better?  

Does your dog pull while on walks, jump up, bark a lot or do something else that drives you crazy?

Do you want a better behaved and more relaxed dog?

Dog Ed. can help you with these issues and more! This is not your ordinary dog training, this is an entire LIFESTYLE for you and your dog. I will teach you how to incorporate dog training into your everyday life! This training is done all without the use of treats gimmicks. There are a variety of class-types to choose from to help suit your needs and schedule. You will learn a lot about your dog and yourself and you both will be challenged throughout the training and have a lot of fun!


Class types are listed below, click for more information.

This class is 8 weeks long with class twice per week.

It covers everything you need to know about dog training.

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This class is 6 weeks long with one class per week.

It covers everything puppy!

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This crash course will give you an idea what Dog Ed.'s training style is like. 

See results after this 1.5 hour class!

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Getting a new dog? Make sure you are prepared for bringing them home!

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After completing the 8 week Group Class you are welcome to drop-in for a refresher to any future Group Classes.

Lots of fun, meet new people and dogs and learn something new! 

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