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I will not be offering any classes/workshops until further notice.

Workshops are great for those that aren't able to commit or aren't looking to do a full group training class. They give you the knowledge and tools to continue working with your dog on what you have learned. There is continued support after the workshop if needed. All training is done using a martingale collar and leash - no treats!

Workshops Available:

Intro Class

Not sure if the Group Class is right for you and your dog?

Want to try out the training style we use and see results after one class?

This is a 1 hour crash course in dog training for only $25!  We cover some of the basics and give you a better idea on what class or workshop is right for you. Sign up for an intro class and witness the results from just 1 class!

Where is the intro class held

The class is held outside in different places. Classes are usually held once per month spring through fall. 

Class size is a maximum of 6 dogs.

What do you learn

- loose leash walking (decreased pulling)

- using obstacles (mental stimulation)

- sit (no treats needed)

- on-leash greetings (socialization)

How much does it cost

The class is $25 for 60 - 90 minutes (GST included)

- payment is due upon sign-up (etransfer only)

What tools are needed for the class

All training is done using a martingale collar and 6 foot leash or waist-belt leash. I will have some available to borrow during class or you can purchase one from me before/after class. Check out the product page for more details.

To sign up, fill out this FORM.

Once you have filled out the form you will be contacted within 48 hours.

Leash Skills Workshop 

This workshop goes over the fundamentals of leash manners and getting your dog to listen to you and respect you. We focus specifically on leash skills over 4 classes so you get lots of practice and have better results. Class size is limited to 4 dogs per class. This workshop is also a great precursor to the 6 week group class.

This workshop covers:

- pulling/loose leash walking

- proper on leash greetings with people and other dogs

- how using obstacles can help 

- how to stop nuisance behaviors (barking, jumping up)

- stair and door manners

- teaching sit and how to use it to help with pulling

The workshop is 4 classes, once per week for 60 minutes

The cost of the workshop is $175 + GST 


> 4 x 60 minute classes

> Martingale Collar & 6 foot leash or Waist-belt Leash

Classes will take place outdoors in 2 different locations. We start in an environment with fewer distractions and move to busier environments to work in real-life situations

If you come to every class and complete the homework your leash pulling will decrease dramatically! If you have completed the workshop and still feel like you need more practice you can re-take this workshop for half price or drop-in for $15 per class! Ready to learn more after this  class? Try out our Group Class or other workshops!

To sign up, fill out this FORM.

Once you have filled out the form you will be contacted within 48 hours.

A $75 non-refundable deposit will be needed to hold your place.

More Workshops to come!!